Wednesday, April 19, 2017

how to stop White gencoide

how to stop White genocide by Norvin Hobbs

here's some do it your self activism ideas.
the easiest is online, you can start a facebook page I have one called White lives matter movement that I run with a co-adim
it's good for sharing non-white on White  crimes  and White genocide memes you can also share some jew stuff but facebook has a lot of censorship.
twitter is still pretty good what I do is share memes and youtube videos  both pro-White  and "anti-semitic"
I share them with some of our hashtags like #whitegenocide or #withjewswelose and what ever hashtags that are news related that are trending, right now I'm using #firekushner  #Istandwiassad  and#buildthewall.
also you could do a blog like this one  or youtube videos,
hitting up the comment sections of conspiracy type facebook pages and youtube videos like
infowars and paul joseph watson  is also good for waking people up,
in terms of real world activism you can put up fliers if you can't think of what to say just print out some memes you like.
organizing rallies or protest with social media is not to hard these days.
 I know it's not doable for some people ( including myself at the moment )
but if you can moving to the northwest front is good I think at this point balkanization seems very likely , once there go to the Whitest area you can  and try  to get into the city or county government or police force,
if you can't do that or it just doesn't feel right for you another way to help keep your area White is for you to get some guys together and go on patrols like a neighborhood watch I would recommended carrying  only pepper spray and personal alarms if you see a White person being attacked step in withing the law , also correct me if I'm wrong but it's my understanding if the cops get a lot of reports  in a single area they step up enforcement in that area   for a little while at least
so you can call your local tip hot-line  to report blacks and hispanics playing their music too loud or standing around looking suspicious like they're selling drugs .

Sunday, March 19, 2017

creating our own "deep-state"

creating our own "deep-state" by Norvin Hobbs
 we must begin to dismantle the anti-White system from the inside, we need to have pro-Whites at every level of government, the first place to start is the police force this will give us the benefit of having arms and training without the risk of losing life or limb for greater israel, plus secret pro-
White cops could choose to protect pro-white demonstrators and arrest antifa, local government is another good place to start, you could push back against forced "diversity"  programs such as "refugee" centers or low -income housing.

Monday, March 6, 2017

there is no such thing as a "good jew "

there is no such thing as a "good jew" by Norvin Hobbs
many pro-Whites are still in search of that mythical "good jew ".
any so called " good jew" is either just misleading the dumb goyim such as brother  nathanael who downplays the racial element and pretends jews who convert to christianity like himself are cured of their Jewishness, or at best some jews might be sane enough to realize that killing the golden goose is not a good idea , and of course many jews can see the writing on the wall and are trying to jump ship so they are not crushed by the rising tidal wave of "anti-semitism"  this also helps the jewish collective in the long run the "good jews" get to stay when the rest are kicked out starting the cycle all over again,
we can not condemn our  great-great grandchildren to suffer as we have ,

Thursday, March 2, 2017

taking our own side and placing the blame where it belongs

taking our own side and placing the blame where it belongs by Norvin Hobbs

sometimes I'm amazed at how quick our people even those of us who claim to be red-pilled are to place the blame for our race's dire situation on ourselves, even many of the most jew-wise Whites will still insist that we have "let" these jew bastards do all of this to us, we do NOT think in the paranoid, hateful, neurotic and downright malicious way that jews do.
White genocide is not our fault
the victim blaming needs to end
(((they))) are 100% percent to blame.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

how I'd make America Great again

how I'd make America Great again  by Norvin Hobbs

 1 an end to all immigration except for the White south africans.

2  a soft negative eugenics plan we create a small  federal "sin " tax on tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets etc. and use that to fund free abortion clinics  in "high  crime" areas and also create a program where criminals could agree to be sterilized in exchange for time off their sentences

3 freedom of association, we allow private citizens to discriminate on the basis of race, this will allow us to create "safe spaces" for ourselves Whites only apartment complexes, Whites only private schools  ,Whites only dinners etc.

4 and unfortunately the least likely to happen anytime soon, the  expulsion of all the jews to israel , we could create a national ID card that every person must have to get a job, open a bank account, see a doctor etc and to get this card you would need to take a DNA test, anyone 20%  jewish or greater would then be deported.

just some of my larpy thoughts.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

red-pilling normie Trump supporters on the jewish problem

red-pilling normie Trump supporters on the jewish problem
 by Norvin Hobbs

so Trump has taken office and I have to say I'm pretty damn happy with what he's doing so far but make no mistake he is NOT the final solution we need ,now the jew media is attacking him basically  24/7 screeching about this and that which could not be better because it can be used to get normie Trump supporters jew-wise, now some of you might be thinking that they would have to be racially-aware first but I believe the average normie White Trump supporter is already instinctually very ethnocentric and most likely would not have a  hard  time believing the crime statistics or IQ studies , but the jews are another matter it's hard to get people to accept the facts about jews , the best way to go about it now is to bring to the attention of all normie trump supporters the fact that the people who hate him the most ( or at least what he has come to represent ) are jews, it's not that difficult every day now some jew is writing an article bitching about glorious leader or screeching at the top of their tiny jew lungs on tv about him , just start sharing these stories on your normie facebook put the echoes around the name of the jew involved or if you don't want to do that just send it in a private message to Trump supporting friends and family you are trying to red pill, you can even just start slipping it into normal conversation with pro-Trump people just say something like " this jewish guy wrote this bitchy article about Trump today" or " this jewish lady was on the news today calling Trump a Nazi" ,     
it really is pretty simple and they are making it so easy for us.