Thursday, July 27, 2017

are (((they))) going extinct

so I did a little reading today, I heard before about the jewish population declining and I figured I need something to write about so I looked into it, it turns out jews in the US are going extinct ( I'm sure the trends are the same in every western nation)
now of course organized jewry is still calling the shots so the fights not over yet but this is a good sigh and it makes sense,

I personally don't think jews are anymore resistant to brainwashing than we are, ((( they))) sit in front of the tv and see all the pro-race-mixing propaganda,(((they))) see all the propaganda that tells them to focus on their careers and to see having kids as an expensive pain,

Alex Linder once said (((they))) hate us more than they like themselves, I think it's very likely (((their))) drive   to destroy us is stronger than their will to survive.  


Friday, May 26, 2017

The Rogue Majority

The Rogue Majority   by Norvin Hobbs

some of our people may have grown depressed, with Trump cucking left and right,
 but I think the real value in Trump is the cultural  shift that happened during the campaign,
Trump ran on a platform of soft common-sense civic nationalism and the (((media))), the (((left))) and the (((cuckservatives)))  all had a collective shit fit and acted  as if he was calling for throwing people into ovens and White America saw it,

they got to see just how biased and anti-White the (((media))) really is, they got a good look at how much the (((left))) truly hates them and how uninterested the (((cuckservatives))) were in serving the interest of the people who actually vote for them, and in the end after Trump was called  a "racist", a "White supremacist " and worst of all an " anti-semite" and anyone supporting him called the same, 

the majority of White Americans still went and voted for him which means they finally valued  giving a good future to their children over avoiding being called mean names in voting for Trump this man they were told was pure evil they rejected the "morals" and "vaules" of (((today's society))),

they figured out that the (((elites )))  hate them and are working against their interest and voted for the guy who said he  was gonna fight (((them))) on our behalf, 

in that moment Whites resisted the programmed response of apologizing and backing down when called the dreaded R-word and in casting that vote declared themseleves enemies of the  pro-poc/anti-White Philo-semitic (((esblishment ))), they may not know all the details yet, like (((who))) is behind this anti-White system or the fact it's ultimate agenda is genocidal but it's a start,

in one election White Americans went from the silent majority to the Rogue majority.  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

the woman question

the woman question  by Norvin Hobbs
 so this whole anti-White women thing has just gotten silly,

the facts are  White Women are less likely than White men to race-mix
( and over all people are less likely to mix than the jew media wants you to believe).

White women are fairly"conservative"  52% percent voted for Trump and considering how the (((government))) defines White ( it includes jews and arabs)   that number could be as much as 6 points higher.

women are naturally more conformist/conflict averse and in our jew controlled society the only thing more truly  non-conformist than racism is anti-semitism, this makes women less likely to get involved with radical politics, (((left-wing ))) so call radical politics are praised and encouraged on ((( college campuses))).

women are naturally more empathetic and our views are portrayed in the ((( media))) as mean,cruel,brutal,etc.

Monday, May 8, 2017

jews are the problem

jews are the problem by Norvin Hobbs

I've noticed more and more people in our movement are shying away from talking about the jewish problem, Andrew Anglin is  getting to the point where he spends most of his time bashing White women and the "White Knights" who point out to him that jews are behind the gender problems our society is facing, Richard Spencer on twitter went as far to downplay the Holodomor,
Greg johnson and Millennial Woes did a debate with roaming millennial and that guy t and they did not get into the jewish question at all, and Spencer himself did an interview with roaming millennial and also never brought up the jews and almost worse counter- signaled the white genocide meme.
I think a lot of this is because people in our society have been brainwashed to believe that anyone who talks about jews in a negative light must be stupid or crazy and intellectual type people have a very strong desire to be respected and not be perceived  as stupid or crazy but as I have pointed before the only way out of this is to attack the problem at it's source.


Friday, April 28, 2017

(((they))) want nothingness

 (((they))) want nothingness by Norvin Hobbs

sometimes jewish hollywood  will let some truth slip out, maybe on purpose to laugh at the dumb goyim too stupid to notice or more likely the truth slips out of them subconsciously,
either way, there is a line from a scene in  a movie that has stuck with me since the first time  I heard it, of course, there is some jew bullshit before the line and the whole film is meant to serve the jewish narrative whitey bad, jews innocent victims, the film I'm referring to is titled the believer 
the line goes " it's the deepest impulse of a jewish soul to pull at the very fabric of life until there's nothing left but a thread they want nothing but nothingness,  nothingness without end "
one might be quick to dismiss this as just a line from a movie or to dismiss the idea it presents as some kind of cop-out to say the jews want nothingness does at first seem just as simplistic as calling them insane or evil,  but think about it everything the jews do leads to chaos, to destruction , to civil unrest, to nothingness , they are chaos in human forum, they seek to drag the world back into the primordial void, this is why they hate us so much, we are the embodiment of order, where ever our race has gone we have imposed order,  we have nearly brought an end to chaos in this world, the geniuses of our race have created most of the technology we take for granted every day and cured many of the world's worst diseases, if the jews succeed in getting rid of our people mankind will have lost its spark, civilisation will turn to ruins, the world will return to that primordial void from which it came and at last there will be nothing but nothingness, nothingness without end .

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

how to stop White gencoide

how to stop White genocide by Norvin Hobbs

here's some do it your self activism ideas.
the easiest is online, you can start a facebook page I have one called White lives matter movement that I run with a co-adim
it's good for sharing non-white on White  crimes  and White genocide memes you can also share some jew stuff but facebook has a lot of censorship.
twitter is still pretty good what I do is share memes and youtube videos  both pro-White  and "anti-semitic"

I share them with some of our hashtags like #whitegenocide or #withjewswelose and what ever hashtags that are news related that are trending, right now I'm using #firekushner  #Istandwiassad  and#buildthewall.

also you could do a blog like this one  or youtube videos,
hitting up the comment sections of conspiracy type facebook pages and youtube videos like
infowars and paul joseph watson  is also good for waking people up,
in terms of real world activism you can put up fliers if you can't think of what to say just print out some memes you like.

organizing rallies or protest with social media is not to hard these days.
 I know it's not doable for some people ( including myself at the moment )
but if you can moving to the northwest front is good I think at this point balkanization seems very likely , once there go to the Whitest area you can  and try  to get into the city or county government or police force,

if you can't do that or it just doesn't feel right for you another way to help keep your new area White is for you to get some guys together and go on patrols like a neighborhood watch I would recommended carrying  only pepper spray and personal alarms if you see a White person being attacked step in withing the law , also correct me if I'm wrong but it's my understanding if the cops get a lot of reports  in a single area they step up enforcement in that area   for a little while at least
so you can call your local tip hot-line  to report blacks and hispanics playing their music too loud or standing around looking suspicious like they're selling drugs and the cops will patrol your area more for awhile   .